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Discovery Institute

George Gilder is a Senior Fellow of the
Discovery Institute, which maintains the
official Gilder web site for non-GTR
postings.  It is an excellent source of
articles by and about George.

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Don Luskin

OpenFund was the first interactive mutual fund. It was started with help from Peter Sprague, the Chairman of Wave Systems,
on whose board George Gilder sits.  The
fund contained many Gilder stocks.

Unfortunately, the fund was a casualty of
the market collapse and no longer exists.
But its prime mover, Don Luskin, lives on,
in the form of a clear-thinking and hard-hitting blog that advances his libertarian point of view about economics
and politics.

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Victor Niederhoffer

A legend in the world of speculation and an excellent teacher, Victor maintains this site for speculators.

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Digital Power

The Digital Power Report is no more, but its ideas are still valid and may provide good investment opportunities. Peter Huber and Mark Mills, the authors of the report, now have a research firm for the continuing development of their digital power concepts, and a venture capital firm to invest in them. Their book "The Logic of Power" is due out in January of 2005.

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Portfolio Services

There are at least two outfits that offer inexpensive and flexible ways of maintaining and updating broad portfolios such as those represented by my indexes:

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Cato Institute

Started in 1977, the Cato Institute is a nonpartisan public policy research foundation located in Washington, D.C.  While they are in the beltway, they are
not of the beltway.

Cato has played an important part in broadening the public policy debate to include traditional American principles of limited government and individual liberty.

It was at a Cato seminar that I first heard George Gilder speak.

Ideas from Cato (as well as from George Gilder) played a key role in the Reagan Revolution, to which (IMHO) we
owe much of our current prosperity.

You might want to consider reinvesting some of your Gilder gains in Cato, and thereby add to the nation's well-being.

Cato is an excellent organization.  You
may be sure they will use your money

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