Former GTI Companies
By Year First Added to List

1997  Alcatel,  Ciena,  Globalstar,  Lucent,  Netscape,  Sun Microsystems,
Tandem Computers,  Tellabs,  Vitesse,  Wireless  Telecom Group,  C-Cube,
Applix,  Uniphase,  @Home,  LSI Logic,  Ortel,  Qwest,  WorldCom,  Nortel,
P-Com, Teligent, Analog Devices.

1998  Atmel,  Intentia,  Level 3,  JDS Fitel,  Applied Micro Circuits,  Spectrian,
Ciena,  Tut Systems,  Global Crossing,  Terayon.

1999  Nextlink,  Conexant,  Northeast Optic Network,  Loral,  Metromedia Fiber,

2000  Mirror Image (Xcelera),  Motorola,  Avanex,  Agilent,  Procom,
Storage Networks,  Wireless Facilities,  EZchip,  Exodus,
Cypress Semiconductor, 360networks,  New Focus.

2001  Chorum,  ONI,  BlueArc,  Mangosoft,  Soma Networks,  Corvis,  Genoa,
Scale Eight,  Narad Networks.

2002  Intel.

2003  Flextronics,  Transmeta,  ARC Cores,  ARM Limited,  Calient,  Celoxica,
Chartered Semiconductor,  Coventor,  Cyrano Sciences,  Foveon,  Legend Group,
QuickSilver Technology,  SiRF,  Tensilica,  Triscend,  United Microelectronics,
VIA Technologies,  Wind River Systems,  Samsung,  McData, Sonic Innovations,
Proxim.  (Note: Several of these companies were removed from the list solely
by a decision to exclude private companies.)

2004  Advanced Fiber Communications, Broadwing, Essex.

2005  (None)

2006  SK Telecom, Semitool.