The GG Song

How I regret having introduced family and friends to George's
Gilder Technology Report in 1999.

Having done very well with it myself, I had hoped to share my
good fortune. Instead, the Crash of 2000 came along and made
me the donor of a gift from Hell. What I had let my friends in on
turned out to be a good way to lose money.

They were all very understanding, but the damage was done.
My hubris still sticks in my craw.

For a while I was the butt of local banter. One time a friend
drove by while I was running, and his six-year-old son leaned
out the car window and shouted, "Hey, Dick, got any hot tips?"
What an ingrate, after I'd let him in on Global Crossing and
Globalstar, when they were "priced to perfection." Yes, they
then went bankrupt, but how was I to know?

In recent years, the fuss had died down, or so I thought.
But first, some background for what follows.

My wife Debbie and I live in a house called Cliffside. It's on
Lawrence Lane in the Hudson River hamlet of Snedens Landing.
In August of 2004, we gave a party for our neighbors. They all
brought picnics and sat on the lawn in front of the veranda,
with the river behind them.

We provided a stage show and adult beverages.

The party had a French theme in honor of its star attraction,
Ren Risqu.
  Both the invitation and the program sported
a copy of Edouard Manet's famous painting of a French picnic,
Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe.

To open the show, a friend and neighbor, the Oscar-winning
songwriter David Shire, braving a severe threat of rain,
played and sang "Dejeuner," a song he had written for the
occasion. Maurice Chevalier couldn't have done it any better.

But apparently my Gilder notoriety lives on.


I've been asked to introduce
This august, August occasion
This dejeuner sur l'herbe
For those of picnicking persuasion

And since the keynote seems to be
A Parisienne esprit
I've prepared a petite confection
To reinforce the French connection

Lawrence Lane
On the Seine
For a day

I dare say
Me and you
We'll outdo
Ed Manet

How outr
Deb and Dick
Do their shtick
We obey

So as we sip our wines and cold beers
Let's toast those fabulous Sears
Dick is done
With his run
We can play
Start the fun!
Hip hooray
Oui, allez

Come and stay
Gourmet fte
Plus we get
Ren Risqu

Sil vous plait
Let's all drink
Til we stink
It's okay

Mes amis
If I may
Though I sing
There's one thing
I must say:
Although Dick's a helluva mensch
He's really not all that French
And though Debbie bleeds savoir-faire
She rarely reads Baudelaire

But in the Landing
We're not demanding
We drop our stiff side
And come to Cliffside
So cut your cheeses
Enjoy the breezes
As Venus rises
There'll be surprises
For as we get our stomachs filled here
Dick may share the latest forecast from
George Gilder!
What a day! (Let it pour!)
Toujour gai! (I'm singing in the rain!)