Author's Family

Bass at work, 2008

Photoshopped, the fireman becomes a rock climber

Son Bass in the Grand Canyon, 2005.

Ivy becomes Elektra, Halloween 2007

Berkeley and Sydney, Summer, 2007

Sydney, April 2007, sharing Grand Dad's love of hats

Berkeley, 4-1/2 months
(note to self: don't forget to remove this pic before she grows up)

Nathaniel and Clayton, April 2007

Clayton and Nathaniel, April 2007

Dick builds a Vermont igloo, February 2007. Sydney approves.

Sydney yachting on Tupper Lake, summer of 2006

Sydney and her new sister, Berkeley, born December 10, 2006

Charlie in the band, January 2007

Charlie and his new brother, Clayton, born November 3, 200

Silver wedding dance in the living room, September 2006

Before the party

Grandson Charlie, August 2006

Daughter-in-law Brig, Bass's wife, also in the Grand Canyon.

Son Andrew, San Francisco, 2004.

Daughter-in-law Lupe, Dick's wife, & granddaughter Sydney, 2004.

Sydney is growing up.

Daughter-in-law Katie, Nathaniel's wife, & grandson Charlie, 2004.

Charlie is growing up. Wife Debbie looks on, San Francisco, 2005.

Son Nathaniel with Charlie.  Also Frankie, yesterday's news.

Young Dick and Old Dick, at former's wedding, July 14, 2001.

Son Dick, Daughter-in-law Lupe, Wedding Portrait.

Debbie: Married since 1981. I've got you under my skin.

Author and sons, Carter, Nathaniel, Dick, Bass, Andrew.

Granddaughter Ivy (Carter's), Halloween 2000.

Ivy, Christmas 2001.

Dick, Elizabeth, and Debbie (who's a lot of fun).

Sister Sally, Brother Kit (also a lot of fun), Sydney & Lupe.