The Four Horsemen Mini-GTI

At the beginning of 2008, and actually for quite some
time before that, the
participants at the Gilder Forum
had become focused to a significant extent on a small
number of stocks, specifically, EZCH, SIGM, NETL,
and CAVM, and in that order.

The focus was so pronounced that the companies had
come to be commonly referred to as the Four Horsemen.

One can only guess about anyone else's stock holdings,
but based on my reading of postings to the forum, I think
it likely that the Four Horsemen make up a hefty portion
of most forum portfolios.

Hence, for whatever use readers may want to make of it,
I have started a Four Horsemen Mini-GTI, effective
January 1, 2008. It follows all the same rules as the GTI
itself. All that is different is that it includes only EZCH,
SIGM, NETL, and CAVM, instead of the 31 companies
in the GTI proper.