Is the GTI an Accurate Measure? 17-1/2 Months, from 3/18/99 to 9/1/00

In order to test the GTI, I compared the
growth of my personal portfolio with
what it would have been if "invested"
in the GTI.


The GTI does an amazing job of tracking
real-world Gilder returns.

There is no systematic bias in the GTI,
or the two lines would have diverged.


My portfolio contained all of the GTR
companies, plus a few others that GG
had made favorable comments about
in the Gilder Forum.  The latter made up
5.6% of the portfolio.

It was far from being an equal dollar
portfolio. The three largest holdings
were 12.0%, 8.5%, and 7.6% of the total,
the three smallest, 0.3%, 0.9%, 1.0%. 

Note: This doesn't mean the GTI would track
any Gilder portfolio. One concentrated in only
a small subset of Gilder stocks, for example,
would likely produce different results.