Defunct Indexes

The Gilder Technology Report was in time
joined by three other monthly technology
reports from Gilder Publishing, all of which
are now defunct.

Peter Huber and Mark Mills's Digital Power
had a special inaugural issue in late
1999, with regular publication starting in
April of 2000.  I didn't get around to creating
a Digital Power Index (DPI) until August,
2000, but I made it retroactive to the first
regular issue.  The Digital Power Report
ended with the May, 2003 report (Vol. 4,
No. 5).  I kept producing the DPI until the
end of 2003.

After a special inaugural issue in late 2000,
Nick Tredennick's Dynamic Silicon had its
first regular issue in January of 2001. The
Dynamic Silicon Index (DSI) was up and
running a week later. Dynamic Silicon
ceased publication with the December, 2002
issue (Vol. 2, No. 12) and is now part of the
GTR.  All of the companies on its list were
added to the list of Telecosm Technologies
in the GTR.  From January 20, 2003 on, the
GTI has been based on the combined lists.

The Gilder Biotech Report, written by Scott
Gottlieb, MD, commenced publishing in the
autumn of 200 and ended with the March of
2003 issue (Volume 3, Number 3).  The Gilder
Biotech Index (BTI) began January 1, 2002
and ended April 25, 2003.

On the Ides of March of 2002, the number
of companies in the GTR was drastically
reduced. From then until the end of the year,
I kept a separate index of the "Old GTI" to
compare the old and new lists for a while.

Lifetime graphs for each of these defunct
indexes are presented here, along with a
Digital Power animation by
Holly Seeger,
who also did the GTI animation on the
home page.
"Digital Power" animation
by  Holly Seeger/Today Video

DPI (04/14/00 to 01/02/04)

DSI (01/19/01 to 12/27/02)

BTI (12/28/01 to 04/25/03)

GTI vs. "Old GTI" in 2002