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more fun than a hickey"
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Dick Sears
April 15, 2011

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Well, it used to be
For explanation, here's my final commentary

"Broad Band" by Holly Seeger/Today Video. 
See also her "Digital Power" animation (5 sec delay)

Commentary:  My Life After the GTI

Today is the first day of my second retirement.

I seem to have hit the ground running, as I did
on my first retirement, which was from work
20 years ago.

First I ran for two hours in the morning,
something I never had to time to do before
on a Friday.

Then I took Debbie out to a celebratory lunch
at Zapata's, our local Mexican restaurant,
which is amazingly good considering it's
the only restaurant in our tiny village.

It's as pretty a Mexican restaurant as I've
ever seen.  The decor, ambience, music,
and friendly Mexican service are world class.
The food and drinks are impeccable.

I had fajitas smothered in chipotle sauce,
with two excellent margaritas to wash it down.

Bianca waited in the car.

Debbie drove home.

A perfect day.